Prestige Clean Up – 30Min

(For AII Skin Types)

Highly anti-oxidant Goji berry based cleanser to remove make-up and dirt from your face. The power of 3 actions: peeling, deep cleanse and regeneration of fresh cells.

₹ 1000


Oily Skin And Skin Acne Facial

– 50 Min

Hydrolyzed collagen and mallow extracts provide hydration and elasticity along with detoxifying algae peel-off mask to purify and hydrate the skin.

₹ 2700


Sensitive & Delicate Skin Facial

– 50 Min

Licorice and Oat Milk extracts soothe the irritated skin along with violet based algae peeloff mask reducing skin inflammation.

₹ 3300


Hydrating And Nourishing Facial

– 50 Min

Minerals and amino acids, that provide deep hydration along with algae peel-off mask to restore the skin’s water balance.

₹ 2700


Skin Lightening With lnstant Glow

– 60 Min

Epidermosil and bashyal will deeply moisturize the skin along with Vitamin C and Dill herb based algae peel-off mask to provide the instant glow to your face.

₹ 3000


Anti Ageing Facial

– 60 Min

Wheat extracts and Oat protein will regenerate the skin along with green tea and lavender based algae peel-off mask to reduce the signs of ageing.

₹ 3500


Face Lifting & Firming

– 60 Min

Mallow extracts providing Vitamin A, C and E to improve the skin elasticity along with kiwi and poppy seeds based algae peel-off mask, providing the skin with firming effects.

₹ 4000


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