Clean-Up – 45 Min

Detan, Exfoliate & maintenance program for all skin types. Art of improving the beauty of normal skin types to give elementary treatments.

₹ 2000


Clear Balance Ritual – 75 Min

Skin balancing treatment for normalizing skin, impurities, acne and regulating sebaceous glands. Improves skin texture, reduces appearance of acne, black heads, and white heads of oily skin.

₹ 3300


Aqua Therm Ritual – 90Min

Skin recovery oxygen facial treatment with thermal water to respond to the problems of sensitive and reactive skinsExperience reduction in rosacea, redness, spider veins and sensitivity with in the fist sitting its self.

₹ 3800


Hyaluronic Ritual – 75 Min

Improves the natural skin hydro dynamics by combining hyaluronic asset of different molecular weights with aquaporin’s activator. This gives optimum degree of hydration.

₹ 3200


Power C+ – 75 Min

Treatment with the highest concentration of Vitamin C for radiant & brighter skin. Experience the most powerful anti-oxidant ever created with a combination of Vitamin C (21 Vitamin C) and pomegranate extract for radiant and brighter skin

₹ 3200


Urban White Ritual / Derma Peel – 90 Min

Whitening, de pigmenting, skin repairing program. A treatment for pigmented, dull, dark and tanned skin, it uses ingredients like real diamond particles, lactic acid, natural citric acid, glycolic acid, hydrolyzed plant keratin that are known to lighten and unify skin tone.

₹ 4200


Power Retinol – 90 Min

To rejuvenate skin that is aged due to natural cause or exposure to the sun. Synergy of three active ingredients with high rejuvenating power to unify, repair and balanced skin.

₹ 3800


Eternal Ritual – 90 Min

Youth treatment with encapsulated plant stem cells. It increases firmness and elasticity, redefining the oval shape of the face.

₹ 4200


Corrective Ritual – 90 Min

Correction of signs of ageing, fine lines, wrinkles non-surgically with the most exquisite active ingredients. This is inspired by the world’s most prestigious medical aesthetic therapies to treat the deepest wrinkles.

₹ 4600


Eye Ritual – 30Min

Suitable for sensitive skin around the eyes by reducing puffiness. Helps to relieve dark circles and fine lines.

₹ 1500


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